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Trust & Safety


Trust and Safety


Trust And safety

At Emission Control, we do our best to make sure our website is as secure as possible. Staying on the cutting edge of web security can be a daunting task with new vulnerabilities that can appear at any time. Emission Control has an incredible community of highly skilled users, which is why we have used top-level security.

We have developed the script in the Php framework and it has internal security features. Also we save passwords the password in  encrypted form.


Personal data

Emission Control respects your privacy. We promise that your information is safe and secure at all times and will never be shared with any third party. Please refer to our Cookies and Privacy Policy for details of how we protect your data.

Secure Payments

All transactions are carried out externally from Emission Control and via Paypal secured sited. On the paypal site you can pay using your Paypal ID or enter credit card information.  

Safe and Secure Communications

We have developed a secure messaging system where you can securely communicate and share files with any seller.

Buy and sell without worries

Emissions Control uses the latest data security measures as well as high-tech anti-fraud measures to keep your transactions and data safe.