Emission Control
How It Works

How it Works

How Emission Control Works

Get the most from Emission Control and achieve your Net-Zero emission targets.  

In summary, the site works as follows:

 1. Register over the website to post your Expertise or to purchase an Expertise.
 2. Login over the website.
 3. To purchase an Expertise, browse the list of Expertises.
 4. To sell an Expertise, create an Expertise.
 5. After purchasing Expertise, start work and complete the work
 6. Complete the work and post rating, the seller receives the amount in their wallet.
 7. Send withdraw request to withdraw the amount
 8. Admin will transfer the amount manually and change the status from backend.

After login, users need to browse the Expertise and select the Expertise that they want to purchase. After selecting a plan, buyers need to pay the amount accordingly. After purchasing an order, there is a button to go to the workplace to communicate with the seller. They can share files in the workplace. Once the work is complete, the buyer will change the status as completed. 

Mobile Apps

A mobile  Android and IOS app is available to download.   In the mobile app, users need to login and click on the browe link to view the list of Expertise on the basis of categories. After selecting an Expertise, users need to pay the amount to purchase an Expertise. Once payment is complete, the seller will start the work. After completing the work, the buyer will change the status as complete and the amount will be shown in the seller's wallet.


For Buyers

Register on the website

Use our quick and easy form to register on the website to be able to purchase an Expertise

Browse expertise

After successful registration, log in to the website, browse through the Expertise and select the Expertise and the plan that you want to purchase.

Paying for your service

There are multiple ways to pay for the service. You can pay using PayPal or a credit card. These methods are very secure and fast. After paying for the Expertise, go to the workplace and communicate with the seller about the details of the project.  The buyer will pay when the Expertise is ordered.  The money remains with Emission Control until the seller has completed the work.  The buyer will have to mark the work as complete for the Seller to be paid.  

When a buyer will purchases an Expertise then after making payment via PayPal or Credit Card then it will show in the PayPal transaction history. It will update automatically when the transaction is complete.

Once the Expertise delivery process is completed by the buyer then the amount will be shown in the earning of the seller's account.

When a buyer purchases an Expertise, then the buyer will need to pay the Expertise amount with Service Fee. When the Expertise is complete then we will deduct the tax and the remaining Expertise amount will show into the seller's wallet. To withdraw the amount, the seller needs to send a withdrawal request to the admin. Admin will see the request and manually transfer the amount to the seller's account and update the status as paid from the admin panel so wallet balance will update accordingly.
There are no special receipts generated. Users will be informed when payment is made via email.



Reviewing your order and rating

Once the project is complete and you’re totally satisfied with the work delivered, you will change the status as completed. Now that you have accepted the work done- It's time to leave feedback. For that, you can leave a positive or negative rating and write a comment about the seller. Keep in the back of your mind that as a buyer, you can receive ratings too.

Posting A request

If you have a specific type of project or task, you can make the sellers’ community aware of it by posting a buyer request. In this scenario, most sellers will have accessibility to your needs, and they can offer their expertise to you.  You can post a request by following the steps below.

1. Log in > Buying > Post a Request (from the drop-down menu)

2. Title > Put the title of what you’re looking for.

3. Description > Give a detailed description of the service you're searching for

Example: Background, the scope of work, essential requirements in offer and form of tender, project schedule, milestone schedule with any interim payments and dates, deliverables list, award criteria, number of revisions.  You can also attach a  document if it’s necessary.

4. Select the category and subcategory 

5. Choose when you'd like your service delivered:  whether you want it delivered within 24 Hours, 7 Days, or others.

6. Add your budget > Post

Once the request has been posted, it will be visible to sellers when they look within the Buyers Requests section of the website. They can then respond with offers they think are suitable for your project.

Managing Request

To review the offers that have been submitted by sellers, go back to the upper menu and click on Buying then click on Manage Requests. From the page, you can do lots of things like visiting the profiles of sellers that have already sent offers to you, reading their reviews, etc.

Once you’ve seen a seller that meets your criteria, just accept the offer and you will be redirected to the seller’s Expertise page. You can now give further details to the seller for easy execution of the project.

For Sellers

Register to become a seller

Register and complete an online application to join the exclusive Emission Control seller community. Your application will be reviewed to ensure only the best professionals are part of the community. Once your profile is approved, you’ll be able to post an Expertise. Now you’re ready to offer services to businesses looking to go greener with your expertise!

Create a bespoke profile

Present yourself in the best way possible because clients will browse your profile when deciding who to hire. When creating your profile, ensure you define your skills as well as your career experience. Always keep your profile up to date and show examples of your work in your portfolio.

Offer quality experiences

Have it at the back of your mind that the client reviews you at the end of every project. You will benefit from increased visibility, higher ranking and greater success if you are consistently rated high on the platform. Always ensure you offer quality services to your clients by completing their work on time and according to specifications.

Buyers request

Buyers post specific project requests directly to the seller community through the buyer request page. If you have Expertise that is listed in the same category as these requests, you may offer your services. As a seller, if you can use this option effectively, it can boost your sales leading to higher revenue, since you can customize your offer according to the request of the buyer.

How To Submit Your Offer:

1. From the Recent Buyer Requests list, click on any project you feel like sending an offer to.

2. Set your price.

3. Set your delivery time.

4. Select the number of revisions.

5. Describe your offer.

6. Submit your offer using the Send Offer button. 

Getting paid

For every project you successfully complete, the amount due to that project will be in your wallet. When you want to withdraw your money, send a withdrawal request to withdraw that amount. After that, the admin will transfer the amount requested manually to the payment platform you have provided and change the status at the back end.

Still have questions?

Visit the FAQs page that gives more detail.