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About Us


About Us

Emission Control is a global brand concerned with helping the world achieve its emission reduction goals. We are a consultancy marketplace that connects companies and emission reduction professionals globally from several countries, regions and territories. Also, we have the largest pool of expertise in emissions control, ESG Compliance and resources for renewable energy and fossil fuel projects.

Through our marketplace, companies can hire expertise to execute projects in areas such as Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Transport and Water. Emission Control is the first and only tech-enabled platform that connects companies seeking to reduce emissions to people who are experts in emission reduction, renewable energy, Environmental Social Governance, legal aspects including permitting, engineering and project management.  Our sellers are passionate about helping companies achieve Net Zero goals in a profitable manner.

Emission Control has numerous benefits for both Buyers and Sellers. As a seller, some of the benefits you will enjoy include access to a massive market for selling expertise in emissions reduction; you can access customers that are traditionally monopolized by large corporate sellers; direct access to companies without any middlemen; minimum paperwork and admin costs; unlimited access to opportunities without geographical limits in a wide range of sectors; and most importantly that you have made a positive contribution for a greener future.

For buyers benefits include access to a unique pool of expertise in emissions reduction and people that help with compliance with legislation; reduce penalties for emissions; access to expertise for execution of specialist projects; reduced costs of hiring of consultants and contractors by at least 25-50%; access to top-quality people in an easy and efficient manner; reduced timescale for procuring essential resources, easy verification of skills and track record of professionals in a niche area; enhance your reputation as an ESG compliant company that is attractive to investors, customers and employees

With Emission Control, both buyers and sellers can register within a few minutes because the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.